3 of our School Teams taking Gold and 2 Bronzes at the British School Team championships 2018

3 of our School Teams taking Gold and 2 Bronzes at the British School Team championships 2018

Tasters & Assemblies

Fighting Fit is completely confident that your pupils will adore our classes, however, whilst most people, young and old, will have and idea that fencing is some kind or sword fight, not many have seen or tried it before.  Thatโ€™s why we offer assemblies completely free of charge or a full taster day for your pupils for a small fee. Take a look below at the options we can offer your school to entice you into the world of fencing!

Taster Days

For those schools that are sure that fencing will become part of school life we would be more than happy to come in and deliver a day of taster sessions for the pupils (and staff ๐Ÿ˜Š) to have a chance to try our fantastic sport.  Our tasters are guaranteed to create a huge fencing buzz around the school and leave the children extremely keen to take up our sport.

Taster days include all kit, coaching and hand outs for the pupils to take home to parents explaining how and why fencing is a great sport for their child.

FREE Assembly

If your school is keen to start classes, we would be delighted to come in and deliver an assembly.  The assembly will be attended by a member of our senior staff and two of our members of the Great Britain fencing team.  After a short introductory talk and explanation of our sport the action begins with our top athletes staging a fast and exciting demonstration match.  The children will be encouraged to get involved by supporting one or other of the two fencers during the breaks in the action.  By the end of the bout the children will be excited and keen to find out more.  We then end the assembly with a question and answer session where the students will be able to speak to our GB stars.

Following our assemblies, we have virtually a 100% success rate of ensuring our classes are oversubscribed.