Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Whilst we are always looking to introduce as many young people in to our schools’ program as possible we are constantly on the lookout for Olympic stars of the future. Fighting fit has a fencing centre of excellence in Islington. Our fencers, many of which started on our schools’ program, have led to us becoming one of the most successful fencing organisations in the UK. Over the last few years we have had several National Champions, GB and England representatives at world and European level. To encourage your children to take the first steps on their pathway to success we offer all participants in our schools program the chance to come to our fencing centre for a free trial session. If one of our coaches identifies a fencer that shows exceptional fencing ability they may award them a mini scholarship to our club. This will offer the fencer a minimum of 1 month’s membership so that they can train with our leading fencers.  If they continue to show promise they may then be offered membership of our center so that they can reach their full potential within our sport