Fighting Fit has over a decade worth of experience delivering our Olympic sport in schools and at our centre of excellence in Islington.  Our program has a proven tried and tested record of delivering both a quality recreational activity and of finding champions and fencing stars of the future.  Fighting Fit has, for the last six years, been exceptionally proud to say that our youngsters have become the most successful club fencers in our discipline in the UK

The art of fencing is a fantastic activity for young people, its ancient origins mean that traditional values of good behaviour, sportsmanship, respect and good manners are at the heart of what we teach.  Whilst our sport will deliver more physical benefits than a lot of other sports, fencing is also a game of strategy, tactics and all round mental agility.  Fencing, the European martial art, is often referred to as a game of chess with a sword.  Consequently, we continually find that we appeal to those young people that have yet to find a sport of choice.

All our beginners' sessions use Olympic style metal fencing equipment NOT the plastic imitation stuff.  We only do the real thing here...