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Fighting Fit have been fantastic, they are professional and extremly passionate about their sport. We have had fencing classes for nearly 3 years now and it is still as popular as ever.
— After School Co-ordinator - St John's

We run 3 full breakfast classes a week in addition to a new after school club starting in Jan 2019. Fencing has been a part of this school for 6 years and we are very proud to say that many of our young fencers have gone to become National Champions and winning at National events. It’s so good for the children and for our school
— Activity Leader, St Michael's

Fencing is part of our enrichment programme. The pupils have responded well to the sport,not only because of the disipline needed but also the nature of it being a combat sport that oushes them to think. Great coaching and great staff
— Head of enrichment - City of London Academy

The children need to focus and concentrate on fencing and this does help a lot with their school work. I can see the difference it has made to those who do fencing and those who currently do not. We have 2 classes a week with Fighting Fit - just wish we could fit in more
— Club Leader - Ashmount

The coaching staff and Fighting Fit know their sport. They teach our pupils with enthusiasm and try with every pupil regardless of their situation. We have quite a few puils that need a little extra help and fencing does give them the level playing needded in sport. We run after school sessions plus we have 3 hours on curriculum each week.
— P.E Head - St James'

We use fighting Fit to help our pupils who need extra attention. Not only does fencing allow them the freedom to participate in a sport that does not reply on others like many team sports. It helps build their confidence and trust in making their own decisions at their own pace.
— School Secretary - St Aidans'

Fighting Fit have ben a huge asset to our school. They are very professinal and love what they do. They have even manged to get our puils to attend competitions both regionally and nationally with success too
— Head of Sport - St Georges

We have been totally blown away by Fighting Fit’s ability to guide our children into taking up a new sport, espceially with our girls. They also give them the freedom to learn as they go which in turn has given our pupils the confidence and their cognitive skills have increased espceially when they need to make quick decisions. Fencing is a super sport for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We are inthe process of adding more and more classes as soon as we can clear up our timetable
— Extra Curriular Head - Lambrook